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Entrust Royal Filming UK with your wedding photography and videography services. Get in touch now!

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Entrust Royal Filming UK with your wedding photography and videography services. Get in touch now!

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Entrust Royal Filming UK with your wedding photography and videography services. Get in touch now!

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Khurram Iftikhar

As the Director of Royal Filming UK, and with over 18 years of professional experience in Wedding and Event Photography and Videography. I have a fundamental understanding about Indian weddings, Pakistani Weddings, Sikh Weddings, Hindu Weddings and other Asian Cultural Weddings. Therefore I am able to create a holistic view of wedding traditions, portrayed in its purest form. I believe in capturing the most precious moments of a wedding and preserving them to be cherished by generations to come. Keeping the culture enrooted in such a significant occasions in our lives is imperative and I strive to achieve that for my clients.

All under one roof!

Royal Filming UK is committed to serving our clients by overseeing all your photography and videography needs including printed album services. We aim at delivering a traditional touch in your wedding shoot.

Professional Traditional Wedding Photography & Videography

Is your big day around the corner? We can help you with saving your memories from your once-in-a-lifetime event. Every couple wishes to secure a perfect album of their wedding ceremony. Here at Royal Filming UK, we can deliver a phenomenal photo and video compilation to cherish for a lifetime. Learn more about our wedding photography services and wedding videography services!

Learn more about our wedding photography services and wedding videography services!Professional Printed Photo Services

Professional Printed Photo Services

Royal Filming UK also provides high-quality printed photo services across the entire region of the United Kingdom. Considering the evolving trends in the printed photo industry, we stay ahead of the tech curve to serve our clients with the best final product. Learn more about our printed photo album services!


Why Royal Filming UK?

When two souls decide to tie the knot, that very moment calls for a celebration. Amidst the excitement, the couple also starts to plan their wedding. We understand that it is every couple’s dream to celebrate their sacred bond in a perfected way. God forbid anything goes wrong in the planning or execution, it causes too much disturbance in their celebration. After selecting the venue and wedding planners, the next step is to get in touch with a professional photographer who can save your memories in a delicate way at your traditional wedding.

Khurram Iftikhar takes pride in having mastered the art of traditional photography and cinematography while overseeing the entire process of capturing and filming your big day. Nothing comes close to the sheer respect he has for various cultures and his growing expertise in covering Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Bengali, and Afghani weddings.

We believe it is more about sharing moments of happiness than filming a wedding professionally. Whether it is a photo album or a high-definition video of your wedding, Khurram loves to manage everything for your traditional wedding.

Destination Wedding Photography & Videography

When it comes to destination weddings, Khurram is widely known for his command and mastery over the art of crafting Asian weddings into beautiful memories that can be preserved for a lifetime. Our team has had the privilege to cover many traditional destination weddings including Hindu, Mulsim, Sikh, Bengali, Gujrati, and Afghani weddings. We also help in imagination and ideation of destination weddings to make your special day a highly memorable one.

Tailored packages as per your needs!

Royal Filming UK is devoted to serving clients with various needs and requirements. We offer customized packages depending on what you are exactly looking for.

Hear from our clients!

- Zafar Hussein
I hired Royal Filming UK for a small party two months ago. They arrived right on time, managed all by themselves and came up with a brilliant photo album and a video highlight of the event. Completely satisfied with their services. Definitely contacting them for all our future parties and events.
- Zafar Hussein
- Mr & Mrs Anil Gupta
We had an urgent need for a photographer to look after wedding shoot. Khurram and his team agreed to manage everything and they did not disappoint us at all. The staff was very cooperative and gentle. I am glad we have our wedding photo album with sweet and memorable images to share with our kids.
- Mr & Mrs Anil Gupta
- Mr A. H. Singh
We hired Mr Khurram Iftikhar and his team for the wedding video and photography for my daughters wedding which included all the function of engagement, pre wedding photo shoot, Menhdi ceremony, Civil and church wedding Ceremony followed by Reception. I would like to say that Khurram and his team did a fantastic job leading and taking care of all the Video and photography of the function professionally. The wedding day was perfect and ran smoothly thanks to Khurram and his team working independently leading the bridal shoot, family photos and post wedding pictures and videos. Our highest recommendation goes to Khurram and his team for making such a special family function such a memorable experience and for his support and creativity and bringing such a colourful vision to life.
- Mr A. H. Singh